Hearing loss can affect every aspect of communication. To quote Helen Keller,

“Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.”

We believe there’s more to treating hearing loss than simply fitting a hearing aid. That’s why we’ll help you investigate your hearing

device options and fit them expertly for you

Hearing devices should be programmed to suit your lifestyle

When you have hearing loss, you can often hear the conversation but miss parts of the words. As a result, the person speaking sounds like they’re mumbling. Increasing the volume of your hearing device won’t help because volume isn’t the problem. The issue is hearing clarity.

At Hearlix, we take an individualised approach to hearing loss diagnosis and hearing device setting. This includes extensive education by us to understand how different types of devices work so we can match your hearing loss to a device that will truly help you.

In addition, we perform “real ear measures”, an evidence based, best practice for hearing aid fitting. So rather than programming your hearing aid device to the pure sounds in a soundproof booth, we’ll program your device so it fits your real world needs. That includes noisy social environments if that’s a priority for you.

We also provide follow-up care to ensure your hearing device fits your lifestyle.