Ear Wax


Ear wax is normal but

Too much ear wax can impact your ear health

Ear wax (or cerumen) is produced by the ear to clean and protect itself. Despite what you might think, ear wax is very normal and healthy. In fact, ear wax is designed to protect the delicate structures of the middle and inner ear and plays an important role in preventing infection.

However, too much ear wax can impact your ear health and may cause the following symptoms:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Blocked/full feeling in the ear
  • Itchiness or pain in the ear

Who would benefit from professional ear cleaning?

  • Someone who wears headphone/ear buds for long periods of time
  • Hearing aid wearers
  • People with narrow ear canals
  • People who use cotton buds
  • People who regularly wear ear plugs

Dr Annemarie is specially trained in ear wax removal under microscope magnification. Appropriate magnification allows for wax removal to be done in the safest and most comfortable way.

diagram of ear

What to expect at your wax removal appointment?

  • A review of your case history, focusing on your recent ear health.
  • Video otoscopy to inspect your ear canal for wax and identify any other signs of ear health concern.
  • Wax removal using the safest and most effective method: either micro suction or manual removal using a curette. We do not use syringing.
  • Final video otoscopy to show you your clean and healthy ear canal.

For wax removal in both ears, please allow up to 30 minutes for your appointment. No referral is necessary.

If you find your hearing has not improved following wax removal, Dr Annemarie can continue with a thorough examination of your ear drum mobility, middle ear structures and hearing assessment.

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