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Independent of hearing aid manufacturers

Hearlix is an independent hearing clinic that is committed to providing unbiased and reliable information to help you choose the right hearing aid for your needs. We have extensive experience working with a range of reputable brands, including Phonak, Starkey, Signia, Widex, and Oticon, offering various options for hearing aids and hearing aid prices.

These brands have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality and innovation in the field of hearing technology. We are well-versed in the features and benefits of these brands, allowing us to provide you with comprehensive guidance when it comes to selecting the most suitable hearing aids for your individual requirements.

Treating Hearing Loss is Important for Your Brain, Overall Health, and Happiness.

Treating hearing loss is essential not only for our brain function but also for our overall health and happiness. Studies have shown that people with hearing loss are more likely to experience cognitive decline, depression, and social isolation. The findings consistently highlight the significant impact of hearing health on our overall well-being.

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At Hearlix, we understand that each individual is unique, and we take a personalised approach to finding the ideal hearing aid for you.

What kind of hearing aid is right for me?

Determining the right hearing aid for you requires a comprehensive assessment of your hearing needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Hearing assessment and evaluation: Dr. Annemarie will conduct a thorough hearing evaluation, including a hearing test, to assess the extent and nature of your hearing loss. This evaluation helps us understand what part of your hearing needs help, and how to best go about providing it.

Dr Annemarie will also be able to thoroughly review your ear anatomy using state-of-the-art microscopic otoscopy (ear canal viewing) which can give insight into whether wax plays a role in your hearing difficulty, and whether ear wax removal and/or ear cleaning should be a part of your hearing plan.

Lifestyle Assessment: We take the time to understand your lifestyle and the listening environments you encounter on a regular basis. Whether you’re frequently in noisy social gatherings, enjoy outdoor activities, or spend time in quiet settings, this information helps us determine the features and technologies that will best suit your needs.

Personal Preferences: Your personal preferences and comfort are important factors in choosing the right hearing aid. We will discuss factors such as the style and size of the device, including whether you are a suitable candidate for completely invisible hearing aids, hearing aid price, as well as any additional features, accessories, or connectivity options you may require to meet your listening needs.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment to your hearing health doesn’t end with the fitting of your hearing aid. We provide ongoing support, including adjustments, maintenance, and follow-up appointments to ensure that your hearing aid continues to meet your needs. Regular wax removal and ear cleaning can also be scheduled should it be required.

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However, there is more to treating hearing loss than getting a pair of hearing aids

At Hearlix, we believe that addressing hearing loss goes beyond simply obtaining a pair of hearing aids. We understand the frustration of asking others to repeat themselves or missing out on important details of conversations. It can be isolating and disempowering. That’s why we are dedicated to empowering you to hear well in every moment that matters – whether it’s the joyful laughter of a child or a whispered “I love you.” These sounds hold immense emotional value and are deeply encoded in our brains, just like the significance of human touch.
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We offer a comprehensive approach to hearing loss treatment that includes:

Hearing tests: Together with you and a significant other, we will perform a comprehensive hearing and needs assessment to determine the extent of your hearing loss and recommend the best treatment options for you.

Hearing aid fitting and support: We will fit you with hearing aids that are customised to your individual needs. Research shows that many clinics overlook or rush through hearing aid guidance, and so we take special care to ensure you know everything you need to know about getting the most out of your hearing aids and give you every opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable and ask as many questions as you need, including information on hearing aid prices.

Hearing aid maintenance: We will provide you with ongoing support and maintenance for your hearing aids, ensuring they are in the best condition for you, over their entire lifetime. This will include ongoing essential treatments, such as wax removal or ear cleaning, routine hearing device servicing, as well as notifying you if any new accessories, technologies and/or hearing aid features are released.

Hearing is Essential for Your Quality of Life

Hearing is essential for your quality of life. At Hearlix, we are committed to providing comprehensive hearing solutions that not only address the physical aspect of hearing loss but also recognise the profound emotional impact it has on our lives. By prioritising your hearing health, we aim to enhance your brain function, overall well-being, happiness and keep you safe and aware of your environment.

Hearlix practices family centred care

Family centred care in audiology involves actively involving the family in the assessment and intervention process. Hearlix recognises the impact of hearing loss on the entire family and focuses on effective communication, counselling, education, and collaboration within the family to ensure best outcomes.

Working from her Balmain clinic, Dr Annemarie values family input and will provide long-term support, aiming to enhance overall well-being and quality of life for individuals with hearing loss and their families.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your hearing needs and recommend the best treatment options for you.

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