Children's Hearing

Paediatric Hearing Assessment

Hearing loss affects every aspect of communication, and it’s essential to address it early.

Hearlix provides comprehensive hearing assessment for children from 3 years of age

Delayed or absent speech: A child with hearing loss may have difficulty developing speech at the expected age milestones. Hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to hear and reproduce sounds accurately, leading to speech errors or mispronunciations.

Reduced or limited response to sounds: A child with hearing issues may not respond to their name being called or to other environmental sounds.

Difficulty following instructions: Children with hearing loss may have trouble understanding and following simple instructions, especially when they cannot see the speaker’s face.

Frequent ear infections: Repeated ear infections can lead to temporary hearing loss in children. If a child has frequent ear infections, it’s essential to monitor their hearing closely.

Inappropriate or loud volume: Children with hearing loss may speak too loudly or too softly compared to their peers. If a child consistently asks for the TV, radio, or electronic devices to be turned up to high volumes, it could be a sign of hearing trouble.

Social withdrawal or communication difficulties: Children with hearing loss may struggle to communicate effectively with others, leading to frustration and withdrawal from social interactions.

Academic difficulties: Hearing loss can impact a child’s ability to learn in a classroom setting, leading to academic challenges.

hearlix childrens hearing test

There are other reasons why a child may need their hearing tested, by an experienced audiologist:

  • Family history of hearing loss
  • Concerns at school and/or home regarding your child’s listening behaviour
  • Seeking reassurance as hearing loss is a hidden issue to most people
  • Noticing a change in behaviour or a tendency to have problems following instructions
  • To help decipher between attention issues or possible hearing problems
  • Wax blockage warranting wax removal or ear cleaning (which can occur in 1 in 10 children)

When should I test my child’s hearing?

Children, even with normal hearing, should be evaluated regularly to ensure their auditory health. It is strongly recommended to organise a hearing test:

  • Before kindergarten
  • Before year 1

Getting your child’s hearing tested at Hearlix in Balmain.

As a mother of two young boys, Dr. Annemarie loves working with kids and knows how important it is to get accurate, reliable results while keeping your child engaged.

At each appointment Dr. Annemarie will perform a detailed assessment of your child’s hearing, including:

  • Video otoscopy to view the outer ear canal and ear drum structure and establish the presence of wax
  • Middle ear assessment to establish any potential blockages caused by ear infections
  • Pure tone audiometry using a customised hearing test process determined by your child’s age

If you have any concerns about hearing requirements for children at various stages of their development, schedule an appointment with Dr. Annemarie today.

Hearing test for children at Hearlix
Hearing test for children at Hearlix