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Throughout my childhood, I saw first-hand the impact hearing loss had on my brother and how the right device could change his world. That’s when I decided I wanted to help others overcome their hearing loss challenges.
Dr Annemarie Lindner

Dr Annemarie Lindner is one of Australia’s few Doctors of Audiology – a qualification that can only be achieved by studying overseas. For her clients, it means they receive a level of care and expertise that’s well above the norm.

But for Dr Annemarie, audiology is more than a career – it’s her passion.

Growing up with a brother who had hearing loss, she’s seen firsthand the incredible impact hearing devices have on her brother’s life. She’s also experienced the difference a supportive family can make to the life of a person with hearing difficulties. Importantly, Dr Annemarie understands the emotional rollercoaster experienced when it’s time to get new hearing devices. But with patience and persistence, she’s seen substantial, positive changes in the lives of hearing impaired people.

In Annemarie’s own words,

I’m driven to ensure those people with hearing loss stay connected to their loved ones and the wider community so they can pursue a life worth hearing! Seeing the challenges my brother with hearing loss faced has motivated me to pursue a career striving for action and working to remove the stigma associated with hearing loss.”

Throughout her career, Dr Annemarie has:

  • Improved the hearing outcomes of First Nations people in remote Australia
  • Established hearing services to underprivileged international communities through not-for-profit organisations
  • Increased hearing aid adoption rates by providing education at hearing clinics throughout Australia

Now, with the advancement of wearables, miniaturisation, AI (artificial intelligence) and telehealth technology, Dr Annemarie is playing an important role in revolutionising the hearing industry.

Qualifications & memberships

Dr Annemarie has completed:

  • Doctor of Audiology, University of Florida
  • Masters in Clinical Audiology, University of Queensland
  • The Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Masterclass, University College London

She has been the national trainer for Lyric hearing devices since 2012 and is a full member of:

  • Audiology Australia
  • Independent Audiologists Australia

When not in the hearing clinic …

Dr Annemarie is a proud mum of two beautiful boys Basil and August – they are her absolute world. She also enjoys running, yoga and catching up with friends over a bottle a red wine! Her husband, Ryan spent 13 years as an Army officer before moving to Fontainebleau, France to study his MBA. Once his studies were completed, they returned to Australia and quickly fell in love with Sydney’s Inner West where they now live.

Annemaries boys
Annemarie and family