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What make Hearlix different?

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Independent of manufacturers means we can offer you an independent choice.

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Genuine Care

Genuine care and giving you the time to talk is at the heart of what Hearlix provides.

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University qualified

Over 12 years experience, holding Masters of Audiology & Doctor of Clinical Audiology.

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My brother was born with hearing loss. I saw how family members make a difference.

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Tinnitus Care

Leading, specialist tinnitus care by qualified and experienced tinnitus specialist audiologist.

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It’s not just our thorough diagnosis of your ears and hearing issues that sets Hearlix apart from most hearing clinics. It’s our fundamental belief that improved hearing is more than making sounds audible or turning up the volume of a hearing device.

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It’s also about:

  • Reducing the mental effort required when talking with others
  • Improving your ability to listen and understand information
  • Understanding you, your priorities and how you want to live your life

We also offer speech audiometry tests which assess your ability to understand speech in quiet and noisy environments.