and Answers

What prices are your hearing aids?

Hearing aid prices range from $750 to $4500 each.

How much is a tinnitus appointment?

Tinnitus appointment is for 90min and costs $295

How much is a kids hearing test?

A kids hearing test appointment generally lasts 30min and cost $175. This includes a full written report.

How much does a wax removal appointment cost?

The appointment lasts for 30 minutes and costs $150

How do you remove the wax and is it safe?

The wax is removed via micro-suction under magnification from a microscope. It is 100% safe and does not hurt. It is far safer than using water and a syringe

Do I need to use wax drops before my appointment?

It’s best to not do anything before your wax removal appointment.

What happens in a tinnitus appointment?

Your tinnitus appointment is for 90mins. A lot of this time is spent talking with you about your history up until your appointment. You will be asked to complete a tinnitus functional index questionnaire to help me gauge the level of distress and the areas of your life most impacted by the tinnitus. If you haven’t had a hearing test, I will complete a hearing test to ensure there are no underlying medical pathologies that could be the cause of your tinnitus. The last past if the appointment typically involves extensive education regarding tinnitus and why it’s bothersome. Finally practical strategies will provided to start implementing straight away.

Will I get anything back from my private health fund?

It’s likely you will get some money back from your private health fund. It’s best to contact your insurance provider directly as it varies with different covers.

Are there any Medicare rebate?

No, there are no rebates available for audiology services. Hearlix is a privately billing clinic

Can you tell if my child has a blocked ear or fluid behind the ear drum?

Yes. This is particularly important if your child has had reoccurring ear infections.

What is the youngest age you can test hearing in a child?

I test kids hearing using play audiometry – this involve the child sitting with headphones on while we play listening games. 3.5yrs is typically the youngest age I can get reliable hearing test results.

I think my partner/spouse/friend/parent has a hearing loss, can I attend the appointment with them?

Absolutely, in fact I recommend it. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect one person, but rather everyone they communicate with.

Do I need a referral?

No. A referral is not necessary for any audiology services at Hearlix. If you have a GP letter or any past audiology results it is helpful for you to bring these to your appointment

What happens at your first appointment?

At your first appointment with us, we:

  • Encourage you to bring along your spouse, family member or close friend – someone you often speak with because your hearing loss impacts them as well.
  • Chat with you about how you are currently managing your hearing loss along with any concerns you or the person accompanying you, are experiencing. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle, your priorities and your hopes for improvement.
  • Look inside your ears and remove any wax that may be impacting your ability to hear. For some people, this simple process can make conversations easier to follow.
  • Examine your middle ear to check your ear drum is working properly and investigate the possibility of any fluid build-up which again can impact your hearing abilities.
  • Measure the tones you can hear across a range of different frequencies.
  • Complete speech testing in both quiet and noisy environments so we can distinguish how clearly you can understand speech.

After this initial examination, we’ll explain our findings to you and send a full report for your GP.