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Step 3: The email will also include your booking confirmation which will connect you to Dr Annemarie (our audiologist) at your nominated consultation time. To attend your appointment, all you need is a smart device and internet connection.

Step 4: It’s time for your online appointment with our audiologist Dr Annemarie Lindner. You’ll find Dr Annemarie is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and patient. After your appointment, a personalised report will be emailed to you.

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Appointments can take place via your computer or smart device. After your appointment, a personalised report will be emailed to you

Online consultations available:

Online Hearing Consultation (30min)
Online Tinnitus Consultations (45min)
Online Time and Talk (20min)

Online Hearing Consultation:

Whether you are seeking professional unbiased advice on hearing aid choices or your hearing difficulties, an Online Hearing Consultation with Dr Annemarie will provide you with a clear hearing health plan specific for you. Effective communication and hearing have never been more important.

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Online Tinnitus Consultation:

Bothersome tinnitus can increase your stress levels enough without the myriad of options and empty promises from a google search. Book in for an Online Tinnitus Consultation with Dr Annemarie and at the end of the appointment, you will have a better understanding of your tinnitus and practical management strategies you can begin immediately. A detailed personal report will be emailed to you at the end of your consultation.

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Online Time and Talk

Time & Talk appointments are designed for you to spend some time with Dr Annemarie to discuss your concerns, motivations and readiness to take action to overcome your hearing loss. This appointment is offered free of charge as a first step for those people who are embarking on their hearing journey. This appointment is best for people who have noticed a deterioration in how well they hear but don’t know what to do next.

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Need help booking an appointment?

If you are unsure how to book an appointment and setup your online call with our team, watch the video below.